Product Development

Our product development is done through meticulous planning and detail.







As experienced manufacturing engineers we can offer support in the development process to ensure components are designed for straightforward low cost manufacture.

Design for Manufacture

Despite the best intentions of cross-functional product development teams,  too many components still wind up designed without sufficient attention to ease of manufacture, and are simply are “thrown over the wall” to suppliers or in-house manufacturing teams.

At PK Engineering we frequently see parts that could be re-designed for simplicity and reduced cost, yet companies are often loathe to change them once they are in production with proven functionality.  The answer is to get manufacturing input early in the development process, and we are committed to providing this for our customers.  In some cases we have even wound up preparing the drawings, though this is the exception rather than the rule !

We specialize in complex components and those that are crucial to the effective functioning of our customers’ products.  If you have a “problem” part we would be delighted to help.